Prima School of Motoring can also provide you with Enhanced Driving Lessons to improve your driving skills, gain more experience and dramatically increase your confidence.

Motorway Driving Lessons

Motorway Driving is part of the Pass Plus, however additional motorway lessons can be provided if you feel necessary.

Being a confident and knowledgeable driver on the motorway is essential. The prospect of driving on the motorway for the first time may seem daunting for any new driver, however, we can help you to overcome your fears and have a huge amount of experience providing motorway driving lessons.

Advanced Driving Lessons

Prima School of Motoring offers Advanced Driving Lessons for drivers looking to continually develop and improve their driving skills. These Advanced Driving Lessons are perfect for both individuals and companies looking to become a safer and more confident driver.

Some of the benefits you will receive from Advanced Driving Lessons include improved driving techniques, greater hazard observational skills and confidence in driving in adverse conditions.

Intense Driving Lessons

Intense Driving Lessons can be a great way to compress many months of weekly lessons into a much shorter time period. For those looking to pass their test efficiently and quickly then Intense Driving Lessons may be a good option for you.

Night Driving Lessons

Night Driving can be daunting for a lot of new drivers – especially if the majority of your driving lessons have been in daylight hours. Driving in the dark is very different so you will need to adjust your driving style and observations.

Taking a few Night Driving Lessons with Prima School of Motoring could prove to be a great investment, giving you the skills you need to confidently drive at night.

Refresher Driving Lessons

If you have gone a long period without driving you may wish to take up Refresher Driving Lessons to regain those skills you once had and practice in the safe hands of a fully qualified instructor. Just a few Refresher Lessons will bring you back up to speed and give you the confidence to drive once again to a high standard on today’s roads.

Company Driver Law

Prima School of Motoring may be able to save you money on your insurance costs and vehicle running costs by improving the efficiency of your drivers.

How good are your employee’s driving skills?

  • Do they drive safely?
  • Do you comply with Health & Safety guidelines?
  • Do they drive economically?
  • Do you see a rise in insurance claims?

Companies travel to us from all areas to improve their driving skills as we have a proven track record of developing driving skills & lowering the risk of collisions. Your employees will be driving more economically, which therefore will help lower insurance costs and comply with health & safety executive guidelines.